Creatures Great and Small was founded by Lea and Alice Berman in 2019, after many years of adoption, and loving, rescue animals. Lea was a White House social secretary in the George W. Bush administration, and wrote a book about the power of kindness called “Treating People Well” with Obama social secretary Jeremy Bernard. She has a food and entertaining blog called America’s Table, and has three rescue dogs with her husband.

Creatures Great and Small is a 501 c3 and a 501c4, created to help pass federal anti-animal cruelty legislation. The effort is privately funded and seeks no donations from the public (we would rather you send your money to an animal shelter where it can be used to save the life of a dog or cat!).

How we treat our animals says a lot about the kind of society we are. They deserve kindness – not because they have rights or some claim to equality – but because they don’t. They are powerless, yet they are increasingly important parts of our society, works as emotional support and service animals, assisting law enforcement, and being loving and loyal companions who have value and dignity. If you’ve ever experienced the love and loyalty of a dog or cat, you know how powerful and positive it can be. Help us make a difference by letting your voice be heard with your member of Congress.


With many, many thanks to these people for their tireless efforts and help in furthering our cause:

Sam Geduldig, John Stipicevic, Jonathan Grella, Laura Aulestia, Lauren O’Donnell, Courtney Schneider, Tatum Martinez, and all the wonderful people at CGCN

Mandeep Singh and Michael Jorgensen, The Solutions Group

Wayne Berman

Barb Henry

Elliot Berke, Farah and Berke

All photography provided by Unsplash.


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