Rescues We Love

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, here’s the ethical way to do it:

Don’t buy dogs from pet stores or online breeders. Reputable breeders will never sell a puppy or kitten sight unseen. They will want to check you out – the potential owner – to make sure their animals are going to good homes. Reputable breeders also never sell in volume, and will allow you to visit them and see the living conditions of the animal. If they offer to meet you in a parking lot with a puppy, you’ll know something’s up.

Never buy a pup or kitten that is less than 8 weeks old. Dogs need to spend more time with their mothers and siblings to learn animal socialization – it will make the adjustment to living with people easier if they’re comfortable in their own skin as cats and dogs. It is also important to never buy an animal that appears to be ill. Ask the breeder for the animal’s medical records and what their policy is on returning dogs or cats that become ill soon after purchase.

It’s a simple message, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to raise awareness that dogs and cats are living, loving creatures who depend completely upon humans for their survival and wellbeing. Dogs are increasingly important in our society as service animals, companions, and emotional-support animals. They are capable of great loyalty, emotional support, and affection. But, in the wrong situation, they remain powerless to human exploitation. We owe all living creatures the dignity to coexist with us. Making puppy mills clean, healthy and safe for dogs is a good first step.

The WOOF Act (Welfare of our Friends), HR 1002, is federal legislation that would ensure that dog breeders whose licenses have been revoked or suspended cannot continue to operate by changing the name of the owner of the breeding facility in license applications. Bad breeders are gaming the system to continue to operate under the same barbaric conditions for animals that the government has already ordered them to stop. Sign our petition or ask your representative to vote for it!